God's Plan

        Responding to God's call in 1975, over 32 years ago, I began to preach the unadulterated word of God. I am for ever thankful for the prayer and support of those who have shared God's vision and plan for my life, it has been a long, hard, but most rewarding journey. I received two years of bible instruction for leadership and ministry through the school of Deliverance Tabernacle. In 1978 I became assistant Pastor under Reverend Rufus Jackson at the church of Deliverance Tabernacle, where I served for nine years. During the course of this time I was in charge of a prison ministry and also participated in evangelistic ministry.

       In 1984 I assisted Pastor Bennie Parks in Paterson, New Jersey at Deliverance Church. Later I pastored Bible Way II in Passaic New Jersey for approximately two years. I was ordained a minister of God in Jesus Christ in 1990 by overseer Bobbie Parker, Pastor of Bible Way II. God's Plan Christ Centered ministry was founded in 1997 where I served as Pastor until a back injury caused me to direct the ministry in another direction. God opened the door for a greater opportunity to assist at home and abroad. As a Result International Christian Outreach Network was founded.

     I am no longer content to remain in my comfort zone when the world needs the light of Jesus Christ extended to them. With God as my captain, prayer and faith as my ammunition, I am confident that God will give me the victory.